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Are you looking for “outside-the-box” Art and Decorating Ideas?

Well, so are we, and we’ve made a career out of it!

art idea-sandpainting

Art Ideas - Decorating Ideas
- Ideas about Ideas!

  • Are you a collage or mixed media artist?

  • Are you a “closet” interior decorator?

  • Are you revamping and want to create some French country ambiance in your home interior decorating, but don’t know where to start?

  • Maybe you’re nuts for that Tommy Bahama panache?

  • Are you looking for a slightly beyond-the-fringe art idea? (or maybe just an idea about fringe!)

  • And WHAT should you do with that ever growing collection of seashells you keep adding to?

antique French metal cow head

Think of this site as your “go-to” place when your creative batteries need a re-charge. An “idea exchange”, a place to explore all kinds of art and decorating ideas, to find new sources, products and information, and to spark some new thoughts to send your own imagination and creativity off on a new tangent!

"Tangents" – the perfect word for all the different creative directions we personally have made our lifetime vocation (and avocation)

A Lifetime Passion and Pursuit . . .
For 20 + years, my husband Art (can you believe I actually had the foresight to marry a man named Art?) and I have traveled the world, looking for, finding and/or developing art and decorating ideas and products. Creative ideas, that if not on the outermost fringe, certainly hovered precariously near.

Art (the concept, not the husband) ideas lead to design ideas, which leads to playing with theme decorating thoughts, which leads to mental tangents on beach décor, which morphs into some more home interior decorating ideas, which sparks another art idea, which - well you get the “idea”.

beach house shell curtains

It is my experience (and personal conviction) that creative ideas of all types “breed in the dark”.

Soon we were overwhelmed with not only art and decorating ideas, but had now amassed a huge collection of other assorted “loose ends” covering the gamut of creative ideas.

collage art gilded dried lilies

Travel & Shop
Does it get any better than this? As we indulged our joint passions for both travel and “fabulous stuff”, we eventually became loose ends, an aptly named wholesale/retail company that sourced unusual and wonderful things for designers, decorators, artists and others of that creative ilk.

You may already know us from numerous guest appearances on various HGTV and Discovery Channel “how-to” shows, and if so, then you know that creative restraint is NOT a strong point for us. The loose ends’, mind goes hither and yon.

Although loose ends’ actual business was providing raw material for the artist/craftsperson, and finished objects for the design trade; and in spite of a staggeringly full warehouse, Art (the husband, not the concept) always maintained that “we are an idea company, supporting ourselves with products”.

And the truth is, he was right.

Known for focusing on unusual and unique products, particularly products handmade from natural materials, and how to use them – the driving force behind everything we did was always the never ending flow of art and decorating ideas.

Tuscan terracotta urn in entry

And so, voila! Art-Decorating-Ideas-Unleashed!, a natural offspring of its loose ends’ parent - a new site devoted to ideas, information and inspiration!

Is this You?

  • Does your pulse rate elevate when a new decorating idea occurs to you?

  • Do you salivate when reading an art workshop catalogue?

  • Do you lose hours near the check-out stand, thumbing through design magazines?

  • You’ve never met a piece of handmade paper you didn’t like?

    handmade paper deckle edge

  • Do you have piles of quick scribbles on napkins and envelope backs with “moments of inspiration” decorating ideas?

  • When taking a “walk” are you actually treasure hunting for art materials?

  • Have you been known to not only save your own interesting paper scraps, but to rummage through your neighbor’s garbage to salvage his?

  • There isn’t a phone book in the house that isn’t stuffed to the gills with colorful leaves, delicate blossoms and the occasional butterfly wing?

Looking for Ideas in All the Right Places
If that list above harbors any of your secrets, you’ve come to the "Right Place". Here we will explore ideas, the creative ideas (and questions) that lurk in the back of your mind.

  • I never thought of that
  • Would it work?
  • Could I do that?
  • Should I try it?
  • Yea, maybe I should try it . . .
  • Ok, I will try it!

Sandi-doing art at the beach

Just because no one else has tried it doesn’t mean - - - actually just because no one else has tried it is reason enough!

(that's me, working on a sandpainting, and "yes", doing art at the beach DOES double your fun!)

What can you expect?
We will be probing those more remote recesses of your (and our) imaginations and look at (amongst other things):

  • Handmade paper and natural fiber ideas (a particular love and focus of ours)

  • Ideas for products and sources, and some of our favorite places to find them

  • Some “how-to’s” on some of our most popular projects for HGTV

  • Unusual theme decorating ideas (always a favorite topic!)

  • Making personalized Christmas ornaments (handmade paper is GREAT for this)

  • Collage and mixed media mental meanderings

  • Seasonal floral arrangements (roadside spring wildflowers, or autumn leaves, weeds and twigs?)

  • Creative ideas for GETTING ideas (really important)

  • Things to do with that pile of driftwood you dragged home

  • Understanding your own creative process and what prompts it

  • Decorating ideas from a different perspective (so WHAT CAN you do with Fake Fish?

  • Art ideas and/or craft ideas that may jumpstart your own creative juices and take you down a “path less chosen”

  • Finding Fabulous Fabrics (the 3-F’s)

  • Living in an urban environment but loving beach décor (or rustic accents or tropical decorating or . . . )

  • Decorating with exotic natural materials, bamboo, coconut husk, abaca, raffia cloth, etc.

  • “Not-your-usual” holiday crafts and decorating ideas

  • What and where things (creative things) are happening

  • Any other “loose ends” about anything creative (or that we think is just too cool to miss)

  • And the list goes on . . . . Ideas – Unleashed!

Creativity, Ours and Yours
"Unleashed" - to turn loose, or remove restraints:

Ideas, odd thoughts, out-of-the-way bits of wisdom, little known or unusual facts, interesting observations. We want to spark your own creativity, and add to ours.

It is our passion for art, design, decorating and fabulous “stuff” that we want to share with you (and hope you will share yours with us!)

And we will do our best to keep the focus on art & decorating ideas – but got to confess, “loose ends” truly defines us.

Join us as we explore ideas – any and all kinds of creative ideas about any and everything – Art-Decorating-Ideas-Unleashed!

It’s going to be a creative journey for all of us. . . .
Welcome to the adventure!

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